Monday, January 28, 2013

3 New Dresses

OK, had some spare time on my hands
 and thought I would do 3 more dresses for my little girl's doll. 
I found this pattern here at
and I love it. 
She also has great instructionson how to make the dress.
(I use it without the sleeve cuff though).
There is a belt added to this dress.
And a ruffle on the bottom here.
this one was made from a pant leg that had some embroidery on the bottom.
I need to start putting some of these away for her
birthday and stop giving them to her as soon as I'm done. 
 It's hard because she's just so happy
to have clothes for her doll.
She's also a lucky girl who has a dad who can build furniture and I
need him to start on something similar to this wardrobe from
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yellow Hutch

I've got a friend
 who found
 this baby during the summer
and decided to transform it into something

The first step was to prime the insides to get rid of the lovely smoke smell that came with it.  Then chalk paint the whole thing inside and out.

Then she came to the part where she didn't know if she wanted to leave it or to dark wax it.
So she tried both looks on the door fronts.
(left has dark wax, right is without)

She decided to keep it crisp and clean
and left it a bright yellow with just the clear wax.

I think it looks wonderful

and I love all the fabric that is now on display.

So cute......
and if I remember correctly I think she said
that I could have it,
for free.

She's nice like that.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

18" Doll Clothes

Well we're back from our vacation in Utah, which was so fun and full of skiing, BYU Basketball games, shopping and hanging out with family.
One of the fun projects I've been working on since
we've been back is clothes for my daughter's new doll that she got for
(not an American girl, she's a Springfield girl)
(same size though, 18")
 and she wanted to have lots of clothes for her to change into. 
So I got busy and used outgrown or stained
t-shirts/pants from her to make "Abby" some clothes.
This one was from my daughter's favorite shirt that had a huge hole in it.
  The jeans are from a pair of old jeans.
stained t-shirt got a whole new look.

These leggings from an old t-shirt go with everything.
This is the same material that my kids Christmas pj's were made in.
Old t-shirt, now a long dress.
(maybe too long...oops
it was my first attempt.)
Another stained t-shirt and one leg of a pair of outgrown jeans.


The best parts about using outgrown or stained clothes are:
1. I get to use the existing hems on the sleeves, neck and bottom and that saves time and gives it a finished look.
2.  The cost for these clothes are $0.00
3. My daughter can remember wearing some of these clothes
and loves that her doll now gets to wear them.
4. They take less than an hour to make.
Win for me.