Saturday, January 11, 2014

Florence Dresser

This dresser was given to us 4 years ago for free.
  We gladly excepted it and  had the intentions of painting it for years. 
 We made the mistake of setting it up in one of our girl's room
before we painted it
and the thought of emptying it and dragging it
 down 2 flights of stairs made me exhausted.
Every time
 I saw it I cringed.
Well after another move I decided
it was time to finally
 fix it up.
 (since it was empty and sitting in the garage)
Now it looks so
painted with ASCP
Florence and
with freshly painted bronze hardware.
For 4 years we had this dresser and I didn't
 even notice the key hole detail,
but now it stands out proudly.
These drawers didn't pull smoothly.
To fix that problem rub the bottom of the drawers with a candle and
 on the wood
where the drawer sits.
Why did I wait for so long?
So much better now.
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