Saturday, July 12, 2014

Light Green Dresser

Ah, I'm so glad summer is here.
 I love the warmer weather
(as long as I have my shade umbrella)
and long nights.

Living in the north means that at 10:30
 at night the sun is still up
and you can still be out playing. 

In fact I don't think the kids have gone to bed before
10:30 since school ended. 
With the return of warm weather, means the return of furniture hunting and painting.
I found this beauty
 I know, she looks rough and I
 almost forgot to take a before.
  (I think is just adds to the magic of the transformation.)

And now it's beautiful.

My husband did not "appreciate" the hardware,
but I love them. 

That's what made this piece.
The lady who bought it said that the unique drawer pulls are what sold it for her.

I couldn't agree more.
I love finding things like these.

 So well made.

 Solid wood.

 Nothing could be better.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding Chalkboards

My friend's daughter is getting married
and for some of the decorations on the wall
we are going to have chalkboards.
Found some cute quotes about love and marriage and did them up.
Here are two of them
(we are going to have six in total)
This is a quote the bride wanted.
These were done with a chalk marker
 black poster board so that they didn't smear
 if someone touched them and then slipped the
 poster board onto a frame.
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mother's Day Chalkboard

With Mother's Day right around the corner I
 found myself looking for a good quote for my chalkboard.
I came across this Mother's day quote.
I changed it a little to fit my chalkboard.
I love it.
But not as much as I love my mother!
Happy Mother's Day to everyone that has:
Slept on the floor next to a crib
Who's been puked, peed and spit-up on
Eaten the crusts on a PB&J sandwich for her lunch
Played  hours of pretend
Became a free hire taxi driver
Found everything that was "lost"in the house
Brought oranges for the whole soccer team
Embarrassed their child in public
Who actually listened to their child do home reading
Held a sick child through the whole night
Dropped everything at anytime
Replaced the toilet paper roll
Kissed all boo boos better
Packed a kajillion lunches and snacks
Put up with a public tantrum
Been a cheerleader.
Loved unconditionally.
Thanks MOM.