Sunday, December 13, 2015

Polar Express Christmas Party

Our ward this year put on a
 Polar Express party
 where the children, youth
 and some adults
 came dressed in their pyjamas to the church. 
 They were greeted by a
ticket master
 who punched their
golden tickets and then let them onto a train.

 The train ride took them to the North Pole.
They had to go past some pretty amazing scenery, but the trip wasn't too long.
 They then had to exit the train and follow the tracks to enter the north pole.

 They all got to choose a train and sat down for a turkey dinner and hot chocolate bar.

If they wanted to they could build a snowman and add it to the walls

Cute little snowmen
 (why is there a green one?)
We had a brief program where
 a couple of families danced to the
 hot chocolate song
and a young man sang the song believe from the movie
 and our
train conductor read a story about Santa and Jesus
  Santa visited and then we had a
 very special family
show up and we all sang silent night.
Santa handed out a swirly lollipop and a bell that said,
"the bell still rings for those who truly

 Hopefully it was a fun night for both the young and the old.
 I know it was for me and mine.
Merry Christmas!!
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Monday, November 30, 2015

Be-you-tiful Evening in Excellence

Had a great day with the young women
of our Stake at our
Evening in Excellence.
  We got to eat yummy food and see amazing projects that they've been working on.
We had chalkboards signs all around the gym with quotes about inner beauty
and the importance of how our
 Heavenly Father
looks at the inner not the outer beauty.

 I am always amazed at
 the projects that our young women are doing. 
 They are so wonderful and motivated
 to do what is good and right.

The food was delicious with 
soups and salads and then these
 gorgeous cheesecakes
 for dessert.
We set the tables simply with
pom poms and little glass vases.
Sometimes the simple things can be the most beautiful things.
I loved all the sayings

 but the one that has touched me the most was the one that said,
" If the world was blind, what would you look like?"
It has inspired me to make sure my
words and actions
are a true reflection of who I am.

I also talked with the young women about how we might have pinterest boards that have to do with our outer beauty ( like fashion or hair and makeup), but how many of us have a board that has to do with inner beauty.
I didn't have one myself, but I do now and I challenged each of them to start a board that would help them remember their importance to their Heavenly Father and to focus on the things that really matter.
Overall I think it was a great day. 
 I love serving in my calling with the youth,
they truly are
 amazing and inspiring
 young women.

Friday, March 13, 2015

May The Force Be With You

Well we've had another birthday here.
3 hours of crazy good times.
This one was Star Wars themed.
There were so many ideas out there that it was so easy to do.
When the kids came in they were each given a Jedi outfit and a light saber.
My older girl and her friend ran a quick class in Jedi training, they were so much fun and the kids loved them.
Then they had to put their skills to the test in the combat zone.
It was fun and a little crazy. 
 Gratefully with
 pool noodle light sabers
 NO kids or  T.V. 's were hurt.
Let the attack begin.
I made Jedi robes for all the kids and "Leia buns" for the girls.

The cake this year was a
 Yoda cake
That's right he's holding a knife cover instead of a light saber.
It's called improvising.
Made a death star piñata that would not dry,
 so it didn't get painted....oh well you live and learn.
I've always made piñatas in the summertime
and they dry so quickly,
this was day two and it was still wet in places. 
 That didn't stop us from having fun though.
Some could really hit it hard and eventually it started to rip.
Oh the frustration of a soft saber and 6 layers of newspaper.
The kids also got to decorate a droid,
 which was really just a big cookie of R2D2, some icing and candy.
They turned out really cute. 
 I love the big cookie idea, it is
the same one that I used for
The cookie is about 10" tall.
I believe the kids had the best time just playing with their light sabers.
I am all about making memories,
especially birthday ones, as my mom did such
 a great job of making all of mine
 and my siblings special.
The force is strong with these ones.
Now I need a nap.
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