Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Amazing Race Party

Well, we had fun organizing and running another big birthday party for one of our girls.

She really wanted an Amazing Race themed party so that's what she got.

We split the guests into 4 teams of two and off they went.

We set up the gym with 12 different stops that had to be completed and signed off.

This one was a puzzle challenge where they had to finish a puzzle in a certain amount of time. 
This was challenging for some teams as they could not finish it in time.

  Counting down the seconds didn't really help, but made for great entertainment.

This was a minute to win it challenge where they had to get four pieces of pasta onto a single piece of spaghetti without using their hands.

This was a guess how many jelly beans in the jar game. ( Each station had a flag and a clue box with a clue with instructions inside.)  There was one team that was 2 jelly beans away from the correct number.  Truly AMAZING.

This station had the girls picking up mini marshmallows with chop sticks.  They could do it any way as long as they didn't skewer them.
There might have been some cheating on this one by some of the groups.

This was a memorization game where the girls had to run to one part of the gym look at the sequence and then run back to the table and replicate the order of the cards.  This was hard for those who didn't pay attention to small details, such as the suits of the cards. 
Very funny. 

The bean sort was truly the most challenging of the all the stations.  We poured out hundreds of beans into a big pile and the girls had to organized them into their type.  For some this challenge was rewarding and for others they wanted to poke their eyes out.

Finally done.

We did find this lovely message under one of the piles of beans as we were cleaning up. 
 It made me laugh.

This station was a game where they had to select a cup with cereal in it and eat the cereal to see if they could find the cup(s) with a smiley face at the bottom.

All the kids didn't mind if they didn't find it on the 1st or 2nd or for that matter 7th try.  We had 90 cups and only 10 of them had a smiley face.
Pretty good odds.

The dart station was one where they had to hit a bull's-eye OR other numbers to add up to 200.

The double bull's-eye.....unbelievable!!!

(ok it might have been tampered with)

There was a station where the girls had to taste and guess unknown baby food, apparently some tasted better than others.  Ha ha ha.

In one of the challenges the girls had to follow instructions on how to make a balloon dog.  At the end of the challenge some of the older kids created a zoo for all of the malformed animals and named them.
(Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.)

This station was another minute to win it game where they had to balance 5 dice on the end of a popsicle stick.
Great concentration girls.

After 12 gruelling stations (there was a paper airplane station too which I forgot to take pictures of, where they had to make, successfully fly and land onto the amazing race mat) 
these were our winners.

  I have to say they won because they were so good at the bean sort, which killed a lot of the teams.

I mean really look at those smiles as they sorted.

Overall a great afternoon of fun. 
Had wonderful helpers too that kept things moving smoothly, couldn't have done it without them.

 Happy Birthday sweetie, you are truly

EVERYONE got a trophy filled with treats to take home,
 because that's how we roll here in

Winner, winner chicken dinner.

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  1. What an "Amazing" party. She's lucky to have you as her Mom to plan such a fun day!

  2. What great ideas for an amazing party