Monday, December 24, 2012

Even More Elf on the Shelf ideas

Day 15
I guess he had something to say
Day 16
Gonzo and his Babushka's
Day 17
I think he was hungry.
Day 18
Playing cards with a couple of babes
Day 19
Cuddling with kittens

Day 20
Making friendship bracelets

Day 21
Getting into trouble

Day 22
Now I need to go and wrap and wrap and wrap and wrap presents.
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Easy Scripture Bag

I've finally decided to tackle some of the sewing projects that need to be done for Christmas
My oldest needed a new scripture bag
and really wanted it to be
turquoise and green.
So I scrounged through my fat quarters and scraps and made this bag.
It was a free tutorial from
I love how easy it was to understand and to sew together.
 I used a heavier fabric on the outside because I wasn't going to quilt it, but
there is a product that adds weight to other fabrics called 
Pellon 809 decor bond.
This was my first lined project and I'm glad that it turned out and went together so easily.
Below is a picture of the outside (left) and inside (right) fabrics
(I made a flower in grey satin for the embellishment)
I also liked how the finished bag can fit
a Quad,
YW Personal Progress books,
 a Strength of Youth,
a True to the Faith 
and still have room for a pack of gum.
Only two more to go.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

More Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Another week has come and gone,
(really where is the time going)
Gonzo has been very busy this week
Day 8
waiting for the shower
Had a couple kids ask why Gonzo wore his towel like a girl.
My answer:  I think he's super modest.

Day 9
Reading a story about Santa

Day 10
Gonzo left 4 pennies for each of the kids to have a treat.

Day 11
 Hanging with angels

Day 12
Up on the clock, wishing that Christmas was HERE.


Day 13
Had some more treats for the kids

Remember to
"B Good"

My kids love that we have a real elf living with us,
although my oldest gave me a sly wink when Gonzo was handing out candy canes and she said that Gonzo must really like us.
Made me laugh.
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Gonzo the Elf (elf on the shelf ideas)

Had a special visitor show up at our house this Christmas.
His name is
and he's quite a crazy little elf.
Here's his first week and the places he's been.
Day 1
Found him playing the fishing game all by himself.
He caught the shark, not good Gonzo.
Day 2
Rollin' down the stairs is fun.
 Hubby didn't think so (he wanted to clean it up), but the kids emphatically told dad that Gonzo would lose his magic if he touch him.
 Kids won, Gonzo stayed that way the whole day and I got an eye roll from the hubster.
Day 3
Hiding in the cups.
Day 4
Puzzle making.

Day 5
Playing with the photocopier. 
Took the kids a while to find him, but so worth the laughs when they did.
Day 6
Headstand on a tree
 (the king of all yoga poses)

Much better and more difficult than your standard handstand.
Found this very, very, very interesting article on HEADSTANDS.
(For those of you too "lazy" to check the link, I'll give it to you in condensed form.)
10 Reasons to do a Headstand Everyday.
1. a great way to get a free face lift
2. you'll have less grey hair
3. better sex (sorry that's what it said....maybe you should check the link)
4. anecdote for depression
5. great way to impress your peers (try it at your next party and let me know)
6. improves circulation
7. reduces varicose veins
8. cleanses intestines
9. great deep core exercise
10. eliminates your chance of having an ischemic stroke.
Who knew?
So get off your butts and do a headstand....I'm doing mine right now. 
NOW I'm doing mine.
Day 7
Riding the bus
It's been fun to have Gonzo this year, the kids just love waking up and finding him every morning.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wooden Christmas Trees

There's lots of snow on the ground and it's very cold outside. 
I guess it's time to start tackling all the Christmas crafts that I've pinned for this year.
So here is my version of  some wooden trees that my sister found on
There are only a few steps to get this project done.
First get your brother in laws to cut
 out 3 wooden trees in 3 different sizes from scrap wood.
decide what pattern to put on each tree
pick your colours
when a crisp line is needed use frog tape.
pull out the dark wax and age away.
take a picture and realize that you forgot the stars.
Paint, wax and glue the stars on.
Place around the house to bring the
feeling of Christmas
early to your
cost- 3cents
time- 2 hours
= 1 finished project.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

She's a Beauty (dresser)

With the 30 cm of snow on the ground
 my furniture painting
has come to an end for the year.
But, before we got hammered with bad weather
I did find this beauty for $40.00 on Kijiji.
two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
and some light distressing
I think it's quite
the beauty.
The feet are my favorite part as the distressing let the
 wood shine through and bring out all that detail.
The top drawer had broken hardware and no way to fix it. 
So, I fill the holes with wood filler
(before I painted)
and drilled new holes for these knobs that I had kicking around.
All the hardware was sprayed with
Oil Rubbed Bronze by Rustoleum
OK, just one more shot of the lovely detail.
(loving the reflection,
wishing all the dust was off the floor...oops!)
I distressed the edges slightly and finished with just the clear wax.
It looked so sweet and the girl who bought it could not get here quick enough. 
(She was so worried I'd sell it to someone else.)


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Wreath and Snow...lots and lots of snow.

Well yesterday it snowed and snowed and snowed until we had over 30 cm of snow.
  It took me 2 hours of shoveling to clear the driveway and sidewalk. 
Some newspapers are calling it, "Fifty Shades of White". 
 I thought that was funny.


snowClick to print imageClick to print image Click to print image

Every year I know that winter is coming, but I forgot how quick it can come.
The good thing is now my mother can put out her winter wreath
and flower arrangement
that we did a couple of weeks ago.

 I love how this flower arrangement turned out.

I followed the old thriller, filler, spiller idea.
Here's the thriller.
(twirlly sticks and long red blossoms)

some spiller

great filler
(tons of colour and texture)

I love how the white pops and the grey softens the whole thing.
She loves it and so do I.