Friday, December 7, 2012

Gonzo the Elf (elf on the shelf ideas)

Had a special visitor show up at our house this Christmas.
His name is
and he's quite a crazy little elf.
Here's his first week and the places he's been.
Day 1
Found him playing the fishing game all by himself.
He caught the shark, not good Gonzo.
Day 2
Rollin' down the stairs is fun.
 Hubby didn't think so (he wanted to clean it up), but the kids emphatically told dad that Gonzo would lose his magic if he touch him.
 Kids won, Gonzo stayed that way the whole day and I got an eye roll from the hubster.
Day 3
Hiding in the cups.
Day 4
Puzzle making.

Day 5
Playing with the photocopier. 
Took the kids a while to find him, but so worth the laughs when they did.
Day 6
Headstand on a tree
 (the king of all yoga poses)

Much better and more difficult than your standard handstand.
Found this very, very, very interesting article on HEADSTANDS.
(For those of you too "lazy" to check the link, I'll give it to you in condensed form.)
10 Reasons to do a Headstand Everyday.
1. a great way to get a free face lift
2. you'll have less grey hair
3. better sex (sorry that's what it said....maybe you should check the link)
4. anecdote for depression
5. great way to impress your peers (try it at your next party and let me know)
6. improves circulation
7. reduces varicose veins
8. cleanses intestines
9. great deep core exercise
10. eliminates your chance of having an ischemic stroke.
Who knew?
So get off your butts and do a headstand....I'm doing mine right now. 
NOW I'm doing mine.
Day 7
Riding the bus
It's been fun to have Gonzo this year, the kids just love waking up and finding him every morning.


  1. These are great! I'm always looking for new Elf ideas!

  2. Love the photocopier one!


  3. That little gonzo is getting into everything lol What fun he is having ;-)

    Thanks for linking up with the Winter Wonders & Holiday Happenings!

    Darby @ lifewiththehawleys.blogspot.com