Friday, December 14, 2012

More Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Another week has come and gone,
(really where is the time going)
Gonzo has been very busy this week
Day 8
waiting for the shower
Had a couple kids ask why Gonzo wore his towel like a girl.
My answer:  I think he's super modest.

Day 9
Reading a story about Santa

Day 10
Gonzo left 4 pennies for each of the kids to have a treat.

Day 11
 Hanging with angels

Day 12
Up on the clock, wishing that Christmas was HERE.


Day 13
Had some more treats for the kids

Remember to
"B Good"

My kids love that we have a real elf living with us,
although my oldest gave me a sly wink when Gonzo was handing out candy canes and she said that Gonzo must really like us.
Made me laugh.
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  1. Too cute! We just got one as a gift and I love how every morning my kids race around the house to find her. Cute ideas!