Sunday, December 15, 2013

4 Random Projects

 With Christmas
coming up and projects needing to be completed,
I've been in high efficiency mode and
things have got done.

The first was more of a fun project,
 I was given a
 at a favorite things party and I couldn't leave it blank so.....
I found this hot cocoa recipe on pinterest
and stayed up late after the party for another hour to finish it.

My kids saw it in the morning and now want their own chalkboards.
Add another
 project for me that needs to be done by

Remember these knobs,
well now they're great necklace holders.
This was what I gave as my favorite thing at the party.

Had a party with my daughter and some of her friends. 
Made these really cute paintings
 *Be YOU tiful*

And last was this cute writing desk that I found at a garage sale in the summer.
It needed some love.
Had major potential though,
look at that carved border.
Now it's bright and beautiful
My daughter loves having this dainty little desk in her room.
I'm still on the hunt for a petite chair or stool to go with it, something in cream or white.
Maybe like these stools from
Porcelain Garden Stool - White Clouds Design
Oriental Furniture 18-Inch Carved Lattice Decorative Garden Stool
The desk has a flip down drawer that holds some of her special things.
This desk has amazing details and is so pretty.

Well tomorrow I'm off to finish some projects at the "shop" because,
 Christmas is coming.
Hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas Season.
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Friday, December 6, 2013

A Real Jenny Lind Bed and a Bedroom Makeover

I forgot that I did this in the fall and hadn't posted it yet. 
 That's why there is beautiful green grass instead of 3 feet of snow and -29 C for a back drop.
So we've all seen the
 Land of Nod
reproduction of Jenny Lind beds
and the fun colours that they come in. 
 I had in fact pinned a turquoise one myself
 and then almost died
when I saw that they were
I almost died again
(I know, a lot of dying I should look into a good life insurance plan)
 when I found this beauty
on Kijiji for
It is the original 120 year old spool bed and it is gorgeous.
*disclaimer (wood enthusiasts look away for the next part)*

I primed her white and fell in love
 and decided to paint her white so that she would stand out in my daughter's room,
 which is a lovely Tiffany blue colour.

Here is her room before the furniture came in.
and after
I love how the bed colour is in such high contrast to the wall.
Found some cute pillows at Target and since I'm not quite done the quilt that I've been making we just threw on her old comforter.
She is quite happy.
While doing the bed I also found this shelf for $5.00 at a garage sale.
Primed it white and was going to paint it light green, but really there is something wonderful about the contrast and it matches with the other things in her room, so it stayed white.
She got all excited that her room was coming together and organized her closet.
Got to love it when they are
old enough to care about the way things look.

I've completed a desk as well.  
(this is the before)
 It's going to be a part of a built in reading nook,
maybe for a Christmas gift.
This little side table still needs to be done,
(getting rid of the blond oak top)
and new hardware.
but of course the
 snow and crazy temperatures
 have killed all outdoor projects until April.
Looking forward to warmer weather.
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Goodbye to Ugly Old Knobs.

I  do love refinishing furniture and
  I love  looking and collecting some of the
old hardware
 that come on some of the pieces.
  These all started out as simple and plain knobs,
with some paint, sandpaper and even jewels they can be
 so much more .
I paint with whatever paint I have left over from projects.
  Sometime I prime, sometimes I don't .
I rub acrylic paint to bring out some of the
details or dry brush to bring out others. 
I even tried dot art on some of them.
One thing I always do though is I spray with a
gloss or high gloss
 clear spray to seal everything in when I'm done.

It's fun to play around and try different technique's
The knob on the far left is the original. 
 Three different colours and paint techniques and sanding. 
Three different knobs.
Again the knob on the
far left is what they all started
out looking like and now
 I have some beautiful knobs.
Here are some more. 
The difference is in how you apply
 your paint
and what you wipe away.
I didn't have any of the originals left in this one,
but I do really like how they turned out.
So never give up on ugly hardware. 

These are all for Christmas presents.  I'll show the projects when I'm done.
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Mission Possible Sweet Table

I got to make a sweet table for the
Stake Youth Conference
this weekend and had the theme of
"Mission Possible."
Friday night was the farewell party with games,
a bouncy castle,
cotton candy and of course desserts.
Some of the projects that I did were:
Made the stained world map on some plywood for a backdrop.
(cost $1.00)
Made bunting from maps for the front of the table.
(man wishing this picture was in focus....sorry we were kind of rushed in setting up)

got tons of candy, chocolate, cookies
(which a dear friend made for me and everyone noticed they were homemade)
and brownies to eat.
Covered a cupckae tower with maps 
and made 120 cupcakes with flags from the 4 missions that we sent the youth on.
(Russia, Chile, Madagascar and Philippines)
I think the conference was a success and that the youth
 had a great time.
(The classes and speakers on Saturday were
 phenomenal and our four RM mission presidents were wonderful.)
Hoping that this is just the beginning
 of their preparation
for hastening the work.
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Friday, October 11, 2013

What a bright idea!

That's right I had a
"bright idea"
 when I picked the colour for this cute dresser.
She didn't start out cute though, but was in decent condition and had all of her parts, including the four wooden caster wheels that I fell in love with.
I took her apart and lightly sanded, taped and primed everything.
Then I went and painted her "Bright Idea" by Krylon. 
 This did take at least 4 cans
to get a good solid coverage.
I love how it turned out, so fresh and after many weeks of waiting for the weather to be warm enough to paint outside...she is done.
Look at those gorgeous wooden wheels.
 Really this is what inspired me to buy this piece in the first place. 
The family that I bought it from
had no idea how much I wanted it. 
 I tried to play it cool and even talked them
down to $10
 because one of the wheels was loose,
(which I fixed with some glue).
I painted the wooden handles a bronzed colour
to make them look like metal.
My daughter is so excited to have this in her room.
One of the
 exciting things
 about moving is that I
now have a whole house to decorate.
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Vintage Wedding

Well, it's been awhile since I've been able to post a post. 
(So busy with buying and selling our home.)
The best part about moving is that you get to redecorate a whole new house!!!
I've been very busy making boards on
of all the kids new rooms.
In my spare time I did help a friend set up a vintage themed wedding this weekend.
I think it turned out beautifully.
It helps when the bride has style and great pieces to work with.
Makes me wish I had pinterest way back when I got married.
Ah, c'est la vie.
So, here are a few pictures of vintage done right.
This was the milk and flavoured water bar.
The whole look.

 Love the pops of colour.
This is where the bride and groom exchanged rings.
Some of you  might remember this pallet.
Just a sweet little corner. 
Loving all the old windows and an old fashioned bike.
( you have to know the guy who rides this bike to really appreciate it)
Just a sampling of some the cakes.
This was where the actual cake cutting was to take place.
The barrels were taken straight from the field,
a little scared of
what little creatures
 might have died in them.
Candy table.
This is where all the different cakes were going to be on display.
 I love the furniture she found for this area.
Tables were missing the fresh flowers,
but they were going to be
white hydrangea's
 inside the mason jars.
I love how the whites, creams and neutrals gave such
 a great back drop to just the right amount of colour.
Time to go and pack a few more boxes.
Can't wait!!