Monday, March 18, 2013

Mario Party

I still have a couple of pallets to post about, but had a busy weekend with a birthday party.
It was for my boy and he wanted a
themed party so bad.
So here are some of the highlights of the day.
Blowing up 42 balloons, drawing on faces and attaching arms.
Whew I'm tried just thinking about that again.
Hung them in the front room and boy did they look cool.
My boy thought it was hilarious and kept saying as people walked in,
"welcome to the haunted house".
The kids had to use a sword which
 had a small pin attached to the star to pop the Boo's.
Hello, star power!!

Next we played smash the Yoshi eggs and find the gold coin.
Thank goodness it's close to Easter and those plastic eggs are everywhere.

The cake just had to be Bowser since that's his favorite character.
Isn't he the bad guy?
Oh well.
My girls and I watch a show called Sugar Stars and they're all about sweet tables.
So here's our simplified try at one.

Had to have some chocolate mustaches.

More mustaches and some very easy Mario/Luigi/Princess Peach hats from
this blog
Take a closer look and see if you can spot the difference in this group picture.
(Made me laugh when I saw it)
Ah, love this group of kids, can't wait to watch them grow up together.
They were so good and kind to each other.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Feathered Flowers

I love when someone surprises me with their creativity.
Well that's what happened with this next pallet.
Another friend of mine who is very creative did this beautiful pallet.
She whitewashed the boards and then added grayish blue polka dots.
Then she added these cool
driftwood flowers
and if that wasn't cute enough she painted
adorable feathers
 on one or two petals of each flower.
Seriously so cute.
I love how each feather is unique.
It really was such a nice surprise to see this one done and waiting in the wood shop.
I'm sure this will look great in her home.
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Captain America and Some Bunting

Well there's a combo that you wouldn't hear together everyday.
Saw this vintage superhero poster from
and thought that would make a great graphic image for a boy's room.
So I got my image on the pallet and started painting.
added green and didn't totally love it.
so I dry brushed on some blue.
Then I aged the whole thing with dark walnut stain.
After the show I might cut this down to look more like this.
I love how the stain turned the exposed wood dark
and gave it a little rough edge.
This next one was done by a friend
who pulled her boards off and dry brushed three shades of grey onto the boards.
Then she reassembled and added some adorable bunting.
Very neutral and can be used for many different purposes in many different places.
I have great and talented friends.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hello Sunshine Pallet

They just keep coming.
(Let me tell you after all the hard work and
 painting I feel
 fulfilled with pallets.)
This next one was totally
inspired by the art at
that I found on pinterest.
I did change it a bit, but really loved her sun and kept it quite close.
Painted a blue strip up the side for the word
I went
old school
on how to transfer the word
and printed it out on my computer.
Then flipped it over and scribbled on the back.
(I did make it darker than this)
Then I placed it where I wanted it and traced
the letters on and it shows up on
the painted pallet.
Filled in the letters and removed the tape.
I added some walnut stain to the bare wood to make my "sun shine".
I think after
the roadshow
 I might
cut this one
 down to get
 a more vertical
feel to the piece.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Heart Pallet

OK, another pallet is completed. 
One of my friends did this one and she did it by pulling apart her pallet and
then putting it back together,
but leaving the wood completely raw.
Then she added these cool
plastic flower magnets
 which she attached to the pallet in a shape of a heart.

I love the contrast of the natural board and
the stark white of the flowers.
Very cool
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

For the Love of Pallets

I've been sewing a lot and not doing much
painting or furniture
because of the cold weather.
So how could I say no when I was asked to help out with the upcoming stake roadshow sets by
 painting some pallets
It gave me the chance to finally do some pallet art and not just have a
full of ideas that I'd like to do one day.
So I said yes and then wisely
 recruited some of my friends and they all got on
to help get them done.
So here's what the pallet looked like before we started.
(not your typical old pallet, this baby was solid and took a lot of effort to get apart)
Had to pull off every board but the bottom and then pull out all of these amazing rusty nails.
Don't let their beauty deceive you, they're sharp and after a little run in with one
 I got to go and get a tetanus shot. 
Thank goodness for
health care as
it cost nothing and took 15 minutes.

After all the nails were removed, I sanded the edges of each board and then fit them back on the front to have a nice solid surface. 
I ended up using all of the old nails to put the boards back
 on because they were just too darn
 pretty and rusty
 to throw away.
Then came the fun part...the painting.
I decided to do a mustache for my first one and cut
myself a template from
cardboard and traced it on.
Then I picked a darker colour and outlined the image.
I sanded down some of the edges and flat areas.
Now I needed to age it and used my trusty old vinegar and steel wool mixture that I used during the summer on this coffee table.  It totally greyed the paint and started to turn the wood brown.
I then added a lighter blue on top using a dry brush and hardly any paint.
I also was not loving the reddish brown on the mustache and used some dark walnut stain to make it pop a little more.
Here's a closeup of the piece.
I really love the wood peeking though.

So only nine more to show. 
It's going to be quite exciting to see what everyone else does.
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