Monday, March 11, 2013

Captain America and Some Bunting

Well there's a combo that you wouldn't hear together everyday.
Saw this vintage superhero poster from
and thought that would make a great graphic image for a boy's room.
So I got my image on the pallet and started painting.
added green and didn't totally love it.
so I dry brushed on some blue.
Then I aged the whole thing with dark walnut stain.
After the show I might cut this down to look more like this.
I love how the stain turned the exposed wood dark
and gave it a little rough edge.
This next one was done by a friend
who pulled her boards off and dry brushed three shades of grey onto the boards.
Then she reassembled and added some adorable bunting.
Very neutral and can be used for many different purposes in many different places.
I have great and talented friends.


  1. LOVE THE BUNTING!!! It is so cheerful against the wood.

    So sweet.
    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. This is so fun!! My boys LOVE Captain America. What a fun idea! The bunting is adorable too!!