Monday, February 27, 2012


That's right 40 rocks, it doesn't suck, it ROCKS!!! 
Well, that's how we all felt this weekend as we threw a party for my husband and dressed as ROCKERS.
(it was hilarious.) 
 I thought I would show you the guest list. 

Birthday boy as Axl Rose and myself as his groupie

 Rocker girl and a member of Good Charlotte

Alice Cooper and another Rocker Girl

 Pink and Corey Hart

 ZZ Top (who was also security and escorted Axl in when we arrived) and Madonna

 The Village People (or I guess Village Person) and Avril Lavigne

Elvis and Slash

 Amy Winehouse and another band member of Good Charlotte
( I don't know why you can't see her bump-it in this picture, it was nice and high)

I loved the commitment that went into the outfits and makeup. 
There might have even been a couple of  temporary tattoos that wouldn't come off that were hidden under some shirts at church on Sunday. 
(I was also on the lookout for any hint of eyeliner on the guys.)

Thanks again to all of our friends and family
that came and celebrated hubby's 40th BDay.

(I'm sure the neighbours of Avril thought we
 were all crazy as they saw many of us show up Saturday night.
There might be some talk that pokes it head this morning.)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Headband Holders

Well I finally sat myself down and looked at my "Projects" list and decided it was way past the time for procrastination and start doing some of the things that need to be done.  Number one on my list was to make a headband holder from make it my own for my girls.  I have been saving hot chocolate containers (they are the perfect size)  for the past 3 months and I finally decided to sit down and tackle the problem.

I think the reason I kept putting this project off was that I wanted to put a twist to the idea and make them completely unique.  Well, the need for these holders has surpassed my ability to be creative. 

Here's what I did.
I took the containers and some scrapbooking paper.

Cut the paper to size.

wrapped it around the can (you'll need two pieces to do this) and glued the paper down (I used hot glue, only on the seams to avoid warping).

and voila, your done.

Yep, that easy.

It took me less than 10 minutes to make all three.

 and now look at how organized the headbands are. 

The only thing I didn't like about this project
 was how long I waited to do it.

 I forgot to add that I spray painted the lids with Krylon paint. 
 It seems to have worked well, no flaking yet.

So what did I learn:

"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today"
                                               -Thomas Jefferson.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Gift(s)

Well it's been a very busy week.  My husband turned a very special age ( you know, the kind that inspires flamingo/vultures to spontaneously sprout up on your front yard), we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary and went skiing with two other families to Marmot Basin in Jasper.

Here is a look of the runs that cover the side of the mountain.

It was so much fun with warm weather and a sky that was a brilliant bright blue.
It made me appreciate living in such a beautiful, majestic and "wild" country and although we are known for our harsh winters, the scenery definitely makes up for the odd -40C.
It is truly a gift to live in Canada.

I thought I would include the gift that I wanted to give my husband for our anniversary.  It's a tortilla pan that makes a bowl shape while you bake it. 

You end up with an edible dish for your taco salad or Cafe Rio.   I love how it gets so crunchy and yet has not been deep fried (much healthier).

Unfortunately I could not find these to purchase anywhere, but one of my friends let me borrow hers.  Now I'm on the hunt, I will own these..... I swear.

and for my husbands monumental birthday I made not cake, but PIE.  It was a delicious sour cream lemon pie that I found on
here's the recipe that I followed.

I added a generous helping of whipped cream on top, because who doesn't love whipped cream.  It was so tangy and lemony.  Everyone loved it.....birthday boy had two pieces.

Forgive the picture I have yet to master the perfect slice that belong on
the cover of a magazine, how do they do it?
 (Actually it was hard to keep all the fingers off THIS piece, my 3 year old kept trying to poke it and I have lots of pictures with his hand creeping towards the pie)
 Funny now, not so much then.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Envelopes

I know that some of you have been done their Valentine Day crafts for days, (possibly weeks) but I just finished mine last night.  I did start these a week ago, but after coming down with the PLAGUE  flu I was unable to even look at them until last night.  I'm just going to say, " better late than never".

 The idea was originally from pottery barn kids and there have been many different takes on it but I basically followed the one from sheekshindigs.  I did change somethings as I made four different ones for each of the kids.  I really can't choose which is my favorite, they're all so cute.

Here's how they look on the chairs.  ( I used elastic to get them to stay on the chairs...worked like a charm)

 The kids loved finding what mom and dad gave them this morning (chocolate heart suckers)

So instead of putting nice notes before Valentine's Day we now will be writing "love" notes until the end of February.  The kids are so pumped to do this and the sweet notes and gifts have already started showing up in the envelopes.

 Here is a Valentine treat idea that I did last night too (while I shamefully watched the Bachelor) that will be given to teachers and close friends.

 It's a rolo wrapped in red paper and the tag reads, "You're the BOMB"
"Happy Valentine's Day." 
but changed the pipe cleaner for wire and star cutouts.  
Who wouldn't want a piece
of dynamite for Valentine's?

...and since I'm feeling so good now,
 I need to go and buy a very cool gift for my husband......hope he likes it.
(If I find it I'll show you tomorrow)
Happy Valentine's Day!

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This is my friend's
version (I love the embroidery).

...and another friend did the heart version.  I thinks it looks great.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Someone's been busy

....and it hasn't been me.  I've been in bed since Wednesday morning sicker than a dog, which is such a gross idiom but also seems appropriate to how I was feeling.   I did want to show  you what my very busy and gutsy SIL has been up to though.  She decided to take the plunge and turn her nice builder basic bonusroom (how's that for alliteration) into a completely captivating and charming custom (en)closure (I know that one was a stretch).  Take a look at some of the before and afters.





She has such a cute little reading nook....and cute little one's too.

I just love the transformation and how bright the room and hallway look and how it made the molding around the doors pop.
You can check out all the details here.

But why stop there, really her blog buboneaday is awesome.  She is so clever in her writing and keeping life real.  Her posts usually leave me laughing and feeling happy ( they have been known to make me cry as well)......she's pretty talented that way.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Anthro Verdant Vase Tutorial

  I've  been looking at anthropologie for some new vases and came across a Verdant canister with all it's beautiful detail for $78.00.  Now I don't know if it's because of all the heart/Valentine's crafts I've been doing with my kids lately but my first reaction was, that looks cool and slightly like layered foam shapes....*idea* why not glue foam to a glass vase and then spray paint it to look like glazed porcelain.

It was quite the fun project and I love how it turned out.

This is the original Verdant Canister from Anthro that inspired my vase.

Verdant Canister

Here is a little  tutorial on how to make it.

Take foam hearts and any shaped glass container.

 Cover the glass with paper, to help with adhesion of the foamies.

 Then cut out your shapes.  I chose hearts because we have a lot of these around the house right now and I felt like they were similar to the look of the Anthro canister. I used the hearts in two ways, first like this.

 And then like this.

 Here is another picture to show what they started like (right side) and
what the ended up looking like (left side)

Then I glued them onto the vase.  You could use white glue, mod podge or gel medium.
Let this dry completely.

Then spray on a primer (I used KILZ) let dry and then add two coats of whatever colour of paint (use GLOSS as this gives it a shiny look like porcelain)

One more look.  So pretty.
Cost $ 2.25

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