Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Gift(s)

Well it's been a very busy week.  My husband turned a very special age ( you know, the kind that inspires flamingo/vultures to spontaneously sprout up on your front yard), we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary and went skiing with two other families to Marmot Basin in Jasper.

Here is a look of the runs that cover the side of the mountain.

It was so much fun with warm weather and a sky that was a brilliant bright blue.
It made me appreciate living in such a beautiful, majestic and "wild" country and although we are known for our harsh winters, the scenery definitely makes up for the odd -40C.
It is truly a gift to live in Canada.

I thought I would include the gift that I wanted to give my husband for our anniversary.  It's a tortilla pan that makes a bowl shape while you bake it. 

You end up with an edible dish for your taco salad or Cafe Rio.   I love how it gets so crunchy and yet has not been deep fried (much healthier).

Unfortunately I could not find these to purchase anywhere, but one of my friends let me borrow hers.  Now I'm on the hunt, I will own these..... I swear.

and for my husbands monumental birthday I made not cake, but PIE.  It was a delicious sour cream lemon pie that I found on
here's the recipe that I followed.

I added a generous helping of whipped cream on top, because who doesn't love whipped cream.  It was so tangy and lemony.  Everyone loved it.....birthday boy had two pieces.

Forgive the picture I have yet to master the perfect slice that belong on
the cover of a magazine, how do they do it?
 (Actually it was hard to keep all the fingers off THIS piece, my 3 year old kept trying to poke it and I have lots of pictures with his hand creeping towards the pie)
 Funny now, not so much then.


  1. Yum! That pie looks delish! You are a good wife! And I was hoping you'd say where you found those taco shaper things, because those look awesome and I want them! Glad you had a lovely time in the mountains! I love get aways like that! Or ANY get away really. ;)

  2. You are only positive about winter in Canada because our winter has been so gorgeous and mild this year. I find myself saying that this is not so bad - I love our city. Other winters I am singing a different tune by now.

    But I DO love the mountains. I wish I got there more often. Maybe when my kids are older.

    That pie looks delish! I looove lemon anything.
    And I'll keep my eye out for the tortilla things. Pop in to homesense once in a while - they might have something like that.

  3. Ha, there is probably some truth to the fact that it has been very mild this year and it's been very easy to be outside....it was plus 5C when we were in Jasper!!! I will always love Canada though.

  4. Yumm!! That pie looks soooo good! I love how much whipping cream you piled on top!! You can NEVER have too much whipping cream!!