Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Goodbye to Ugly Old Knobs.

I  do love refinishing furniture and
  I love  looking and collecting some of the
old hardware
 that come on some of the pieces.
  These all started out as simple and plain knobs,
with some paint, sandpaper and even jewels they can be
 so much more .
I paint with whatever paint I have left over from projects.
  Sometime I prime, sometimes I don't .
I rub acrylic paint to bring out some of the
details or dry brush to bring out others. 
I even tried dot art on some of them.
One thing I always do though is I spray with a
gloss or high gloss
 clear spray to seal everything in when I'm done.

It's fun to play around and try different technique's
The knob on the far left is the original. 
 Three different colours and paint techniques and sanding. 
Three different knobs.
Again the knob on the
far left is what they all started
out looking like and now
 I have some beautiful knobs.
Here are some more. 
The difference is in how you apply
 your paint
and what you wipe away.
I didn't have any of the originals left in this one,
but I do really like how they turned out.
So never give up on ugly hardware. 

These are all for Christmas presents.  I'll show the projects when I'm done.
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