Monday, February 27, 2012


That's right 40 rocks, it doesn't suck, it ROCKS!!! 
Well, that's how we all felt this weekend as we threw a party for my husband and dressed as ROCKERS.
(it was hilarious.) 
 I thought I would show you the guest list. 

Birthday boy as Axl Rose and myself as his groupie

 Rocker girl and a member of Good Charlotte

Alice Cooper and another Rocker Girl

 Pink and Corey Hart

 ZZ Top (who was also security and escorted Axl in when we arrived) and Madonna

 The Village People (or I guess Village Person) and Avril Lavigne

Elvis and Slash

 Amy Winehouse and another band member of Good Charlotte
( I don't know why you can't see her bump-it in this picture, it was nice and high)

I loved the commitment that went into the outfits and makeup. 
There might have even been a couple of  temporary tattoos that wouldn't come off that were hidden under some shirts at church on Sunday. 
(I was also on the lookout for any hint of eyeliner on the guys.)

Thanks again to all of our friends and family
that came and celebrated hubby's 40th BDay.

(I'm sure the neighbours of Avril thought we
 were all crazy as they saw many of us show up Saturday night.
There might be some talk that pokes it head this morning.)


  1. How fun! Glad it was a fun birthday party! And it's fun to see faces I haven't seen in a while!

  2. Such a fun party! I have a feeling we will be talking about this night for a long time! I love your lip in your picture!!