Friday, July 8, 2011

To Glaze Or Not To Glaze

So when I purchased my bedroom set on Kijiji a couple of month ago, it came with two extra side tables that I didn't really need and I've been debating what to do with them.  Well as I worked on the boy's room I thought I would add this little table beside his bed.
But when I added the headboard next to the dresser I realized there was not enough room.  So I decided to paint the side table a beautiful turquoise and try to sell it on Kijiji.

Now when I finished the table (and painted the hardware) I thought it looked great and I was going to leave it as is.  For two days it sat in my garage and every time I walked by it I felt less and less happy with it.  Today I couldn't stand it.  I had to glaze it.  (Just look at the one on the right, it  looks just way more interesting.)

Now I feel at peace (and now I want to keep it.)

A couple of hints with glazing. 

1. Work in small areas so that the glaze doesn't get too dry and becomes hard to remove.
2. When wiping off the glaze pretend that you're the worst maid ever.  Be lazy and leave all that glaze in the corners and grooves, just where dust and "gunk" would naturally get stuck.
3. I'm a "clean glazer" and where an area is flat I wipe it quite clean.  I then go back with a fairly dry brush (or sometimes with one of my dirty rags) and add a little glaze to the edges.
4. Stand back and admire all your hard work.

Sorry about all the pictures of inside my lovely garage, it rained and rained and I couldn't get it out in the daylight.  OOPS!

**update** This piece sold within 4 hours for full asking price on Kijiji.....gave me a little rush.


  1. I agree the nightstand looks better after you glazed it. I'm new to refinishing furniture and would love to know which glazing products you use. Thanks! Gina

  2. I used Benjamin Moore "Aqua Glaze" Clear and Rust-oleum Painter's Touch "High Gloss" Black paint. With a ratio of 1 part black paint to 3 parts glaze. I'm sure you could use any brand of glaze or paint. All Things Thrifty has a great video on how to glaze. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi Karyn! Love the blog and I just did my first glaze job on a side table that I will post on my blog soon. I think I like the look way better than just painted furniture. I just bought a little bottle of clear glaze for $1.50 at Michael's, just to see if I liked the glaze look. Now I am hooked. Is Home Depot the cheapest for a tin of glaze? I want to do my cupboards next.


  4. Trina,
    I'm not sure. I haven't really priced it out as my container still has quite a lot in it and I got it free from a ceiling mural that I did. I can't wait to see your project and your cupboards though.