Thursday, July 28, 2011

My First Freebie

I know a lot of people find or are given furniture, but this is my first piece of free furniture.  A lady posted a brass piano lamp on Kijiji and this free little side table.  I quickly called her and told her I wanted both.  On closer inspection of this little table I noticed that the top really didn't go with the style of the bottom. ( Being a different colour and type of wood were clear indicators....I know, I have good observational skills), but I didn't hate it and hey it was FREE.  Whoever replaced the top had SOME skills as it fits snugly.

Well I thought for sure that painting it would unite the whole piece, but before I could do that it had a little problem.  Can you see it?  The top drawer's front panel is crooked.  I had to take it off, redrill the holes and put it back on straight.  I know the little thing appreciated that, it had gone it's whole life lopsided.  I then sanded, primed (KILZ) and painted it aqua (RUST-OLEUM).  I then sanded the edges and glazed the whole thing.  I added an extra metal embellishment on the top drawer and painted all the hardware hammered black (RUST-OLEUM).  I think it looks much better....... it's even smiling now!! (ha ha)

Love the sanded and glazed edges.

For fun....
  I thought I would line the drawers with fabric even though they were in good condition ( love quatrefoil right now.) 

I hope it finds a good home. 

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I thought the black hardware was too much of a contrast so I repainted in hammered silver.


  1. Great little table! I like the embellishment better on an angle... Love the fabric inside the drawers, too!

  2. so cute and who doesn't love FREE! The drawer linings are adorable!!