Friday, March 2, 2012


Is there something wrong with me if I'm having dreams about finding FREE awesome pieces of old furniture  to revamp and upcycle?  I hope the answer is NO and that it's just my subconscious getting stoked for warmer weather and the chance to paint outside again. (Right?  No need to see a specialist???)
 Not being able to paint furniture has been way harder than I ever thought it would be.  It also doesn't help that many bloggers live in warm climates and can paint year round....I'm trying not to be jealous and just enjoy the makeovers, but I'm really getting the itch to do some myself.

  So, to try and curb the furniture obsession I've turned to......EATING......sounds healthy eh?   I've been having fun trying out different recipes that I've pinned on pinterest
 and  I thought I would share the ones that my family, friends and I liked.

First are these pretzel bites

Pinned Image

They were so good that I literally had to remove all of the kids from the kitchen to keep their hands off them and their begging voices to a dull roar (seriously it was like a "kettle" of vultures swarming in for the kill).  The only change I made was I used cut up pepperoni instead of ham.  It gave it a little spiciness that my family loves.

Next was a

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This was very easy to make and was devoured at our last party. I liked how easy it was to layer everything and the tang of the lemon was just right ( mouth watering in fact).

and last was this snickerdoodle recipe,
 and was exactly as the name said, "soft and chewy"

I did make a small change to this recipe, I used 1 cup of margarine (you could use butter) instead of 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup vegetable shortening .... oh and I added the 1/2 tsp salt even though it said to use it only if you are using unsalted butter.

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Actually a couple of my fiends and I decided to test 3 snicker doodle recipes and see which one we liked. We each took a recipe and then traded 1/2 dozen cookies of "our" recipe with each other. Then came the hard part, tasting them!!! I think I ate close to a dozen myself. We let our kids and husbands try too and the majority picked this recipe as their favorite. ( It was a great way to try different recipes without having to make 3-4 different recipes..... I think we're going to try banana bread next.)

Well there you go three recipes that definitely are being added to the cookbook.  I'd love to hear of any other recipes that people have tried and liked from


  1. Those pretzel bites look delish...good idea to add the pepperoni! I'm still dreaming about that lemon bread. Those snickerdoodles were sooo good...bring on the banana bread!! What was life like before pinterest?

  2. Replies
    1. I wish they were mine. Although the things I cooked did look just like the pictures.

  3. Delicious! Hey Karyn, before I forget, I was told ELM theatre is doing Sound of Music in a couple years and couldn't help but think of your girls! I know it's a ways off, but if you think they would be interested in it, I will keep you posted as the date nears.....

  4. Ooh, have to check out the pretzel bites. I love finger food!

  5. Keep an eye out for a cool desk for me. I've been checking Kijiji faithfully, but haven't got lucky yet.