Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh David, I Feel Your Pain

That's right David and I have shared some very personal moments. 
Jealous?.....well don't be.
To see what I'm talking about view the below video.

Watch the confusion on his face (0:05), it is exactly how I felt, except I found myself on the ground.  

Almost 2 years apart (since his happened on March 14, 2010)......freaky.

Here's my story.

On March 6th  I was playing squash with a group  of friends, something we've been doing for a couple of months.  My friends and I were 45 mins into our games and I stepped for an easy forehand. 

 When suddenly I heard a snap, felt something spring up my calf and found myself on the ground.  I instantly knew I had blown my Achilles tendon. 

My friends took me to the Health First Centre and within 36 hours I had emergency surgery and had my tendon stitched back together.  Here is a drawing of a torn tendon for those of you who are sensitive to blood.

and here's what it looks like for those of us with a morbid fascination for the GROSS things in life.

When I did it you could feel that the area was all soft and it looked like this.

These are not my legs.
(ha, although after wearing a slab cast for two weeks my left leg might look a little like them)

I am finally on the recovery and felt good enough to
sit up at the computer.

(Being unable to get out of bed is not as fun as it sounds.)

  I also wanted  to thank all of my friends and family
 who have nursed me, fed my family, babysat my kids, given rides, phoned me and given me great books/magazine to read.

  I have felt VERY loved.

I should be able to put pressure on it in 4 more days

 I will be perfectly whole and back on the squash court in 6 months.

Can't wait until September.


  1. That picture of the real achillies is crazy!! i knew that it was a large tendon but it's waaaay bigger than I thought.
    I can't wait for September!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! Barb told me what happened, so when I saw the video of David, I knew exactly where this was going! Sick! I am so sorry and I can't imagine being bed-ridden for that long with kids around! Please let me know if you need anything (like some house-cleaning, meals, etc), I am up for it! Happy healing? Hopefully you've got some good books. I just finished the Graceling and thought it was a pretty good read. Take care!