Thursday, March 29, 2012

Colur Block T-Shirt Dresses

With spring clearly on it's way it was time to clean out the kids drawers.  All stained, long sleeved, too short and too small T-shirts were gathered, put into a bag and taken out of their rooms. 

It felt GOOD.

 For the past couple of weeks I have been pinning dresses made from T-shirts and decided that it was time to go through my bag. 

 With the help of one of my sisters
 (who has made tons of repurposed dresses for her girls)

 we began picking out shirts that coordinated.

Then we started to separate clean
unstained tops
from stained bottoms,
 and stained tops from unstained bottoms.

my sister cut while I sewed

 Sleeves were shortened for the upcoming spring  season.

 Here's a trick from my smart sister,
 cut one sleeve off then place on the other sleeve and cut,
(so you take off the same amount without having to pull out a measuring tape.)

Clever girl

 Continue with other colours. 

Leave the side seams of the shirt sewn together.
Making nice tubes of fabric

 lay next colour below the layer you're going to attach it to.

If it doesn't match up
draw a line to connect the two pieces
(on the inside of shirts and sew up the line.)

 I really wanted grey in this dress and found some leggings that had a hole in the knee.

 Cut desired width
 (Leave seam allowance on the sides so that you can make a tube)

 Cut pants so that you have a strip of fabric
 (sew sides together to make a tube)

 continue with other colours
(each layer going down the dress should angle slightly so that you have an A-line dress)

 mix patterns as well as solids
 (keep the last layer's hem on the shirt so that it looks finished)

 For the sleeve we shortened them 
and then took  1" off the bottom of the cuff and reattached it to the sleeve
(right sides sewn together)

 so simple and a cute detail.

 and now you're done

I love that I got rid of four t-shirts (and one pair of pants) and ended up with one dress.
My husband will be happy too.

 Here's another dress using the same technique.

I love the last layer on this dress
it was a cute ruffle of an old shirt (came with the built in drawstring bow) gotta love the ease of that

 adding the bottom hem from one of the shirts makes a nice a collar too

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