Monday, October 28, 2013

Mission Possible Sweet Table

I got to make a sweet table for the
Stake Youth Conference
this weekend and had the theme of
"Mission Possible."
Friday night was the farewell party with games,
a bouncy castle,
cotton candy and of course desserts.
Some of the projects that I did were:
Made the stained world map on some plywood for a backdrop.
(cost $1.00)
Made bunting from maps for the front of the table.
(man wishing this picture was in focus....sorry we were kind of rushed in setting up)

got tons of candy, chocolate, cookies
(which a dear friend made for me and everyone noticed they were homemade)
and brownies to eat.
Covered a cupckae tower with maps 
and made 120 cupcakes with flags from the 4 missions that we sent the youth on.
(Russia, Chile, Madagascar and Philippines)
I think the conference was a success and that the youth
 had a great time.
(The classes and speakers on Saturday were
 phenomenal and our four RM mission presidents were wonderful.)
Hoping that this is just the beginning
 of their preparation
for hastening the work.
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  1. How awesome is this! All in the name of the youth! Well done!

  2. Goin' the extra mile! I'm sure they appreciated it.