Friday, October 11, 2013

What a bright idea!

That's right I had a
"bright idea"
 when I picked the colour for this cute dresser.
She didn't start out cute though, but was in decent condition and had all of her parts, including the four wooden caster wheels that I fell in love with.
I took her apart and lightly sanded, taped and primed everything.
Then I went and painted her "Bright Idea" by Krylon. 
 This did take at least 4 cans
to get a good solid coverage.
I love how it turned out, so fresh and after many weeks of waiting for the weather to be warm enough to paint outside...she is done.
Look at those gorgeous wooden wheels.
 Really this is what inspired me to buy this piece in the first place. 
The family that I bought it from
had no idea how much I wanted it. 
 I tried to play it cool and even talked them
down to $10
 because one of the wheels was loose,
(which I fixed with some glue).
I painted the wooden handles a bronzed colour
to make them look like metal.
My daughter is so excited to have this in her room.
One of the
 exciting things
 about moving is that I
now have a whole house to decorate.
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  1. This is cool! I love the colour and the wheels are so cool!

  2. Amazing!! Love the color you chose! Those wooden casters are just precious! Love the globe paired with it as well!

  3. I love this yellow!!!! Please come share this on DIY Sunday Showcase, a party I cohost! It's open now!!


  4. How do you like painting furniture with spray paint? I've never done it, but I tried polying some furniture with spray paint one time and it was a disaster!!!! I would be interested in knowing about using regular spray paint to paint :)


  5. Love it! I recently bought a piece of furniture on kijiji hoping to paint it for a tv stand, but when I picked it up it was in fantastic shape, and it would be a shame to paint it! I love how your finished dresser looks!

  6. Ack, LOVE! Thanks for linking up, and I'm featuring this great project today!

  7. oh girl, I can't even believe how beautiful the finish of this is with spray paint! Super impressed with you skills! Most people can't get even coverage because they are too impatient and put it on too thick for one of the layers. GOOD JOB! I did a mid-century modern dresser with clean lines like this one has, a couple weeks ago and totally shied away from spray paint because it intimidates me! But you make me want to rethink my shyness! ;) You should do another post on tips and tricks for spray painting a dresser! Congrats on being a fellow feature on MMS FFF!

  8. what a gorgeous colour, so warm and buttery!

  9. I love that shade of yellow! What a beautiful piece!

  10. What a fun dresser and color!! I would love for you to come link up to my Furniture and Paint Party going on NOW!!!
    Hope to see you there