Monday, June 6, 2016

A little bit of rock n' roll

Had such a fun night at the High Priest Social. 
We got to put on a 50's theme diner dinner (sat that 5x fast). 
Some of the young women were asked to come dressed up and serve at the dinner.
  So we found these cute matching outfits and they got busy.

 Everyone at a table got a menu that they filled out with what choices of food they wanted and the waitresses collected them and then hung them on the banner and yelled, "Order Up".  Then the kitchen staff filled the order and rang a bell for pick.

The decorations were so cute too. 
 With everything in black, white and red, 
 with balloons on each table and a giant cut-out of a record in the middle.

There were cut-out silhouette dancers and instruments and hula hoops on the wall as well.

We even had a special guest who might have had a large fan group, and it wasn't just the young girls who crowded the stage to hear him sing.

 Which started a dance party.

There was also a cut-out of an old car that you could get a photo with

Which the girls might have had a little too much fun with.

Sorry this one made me laugh. 
 This is why we don't let kids drive until they're 16.
Road rage anyone.

The Harley was also a great prop for pictures.

Over all a great night for everyone.
  I think these girls were awesome to give up a Friday night to help out with this event.

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  1. Too fun! I love theme parties and this Rockin' and Rollin' party would be fun for sure :)

  2. Really cute! The girls in their cute outfits were like part of the decor. I do love how you said "We GOT to put on a 50's
    ..." Is this something you are always hoping to be asked to do?? ;) Haha. It's my worst nightmare! You guys do too good of a job you'll be doing this for many years to come!

  3. I'm with Barb, You GOT to do this. Haha! How about they GOT to have you!!! Such a great job as always! So much work for these activities. I hope the girls enjoyed and appreciated it!