Saturday, August 27, 2011

A New Coffee Table

Wow I still feel in vacation mode, I've been back in body, but not in mind.  Well, I've had this coffee table sitting half finished for weeks and I finally focused and got her done. 

  The top needed some extra love so I sanded it down more than I would normally then I primed and then painted the whole thing white.

Now I don't know why I don't remember, but every time that I get to this stage in the makeover I always think....maybe I should leave it like this.....and then I always feel like I don't like it.  So then I glaze and I end up loving the piece.  So here is my note to self.  "Self.... just glaze it, don't question it."  Here is the table with GLAZE.
I also spray painted the hardware hammered black.

 I sanded the top edges so that the glaze would "stick" to it.
Another note to self, is be more careful when taking the hinges off so when you have to put them back on you'll remember how, and you won't waste spend time trying different ways to put the dumb beautiful doors back on.  You'd think it would have been easy, it WASN'T!! 
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  1. Love the table! So pretty! I didn't pay attention when taking my china hutch apart....longest project ever trying to get those doors back on!

  2. Very nice job...been there and done that with those hinges. Found you from Hookin up with HOH.

  3. I'm glad that others "know" what I'm talking about with the hinges....makes me feel less dumb.

  4. So jealous! I had a very similar piece of furniture before I got the makeover bug and (dare I admit it) I burnt it. Literally! I didn't like the wood and so it went on the fire heap - my single, biggest regret and I constantly bemoan "I wish I'd kept that cabinet".
    Yours looks so gorgeous I'm even more gutted lol.

    Looks amazing though, well done!

  5. I am the same way...usually the new paint is so fresh and pretty it seems a shame to dirty it up! But I am (almost) always glad I did in the end!