Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Elevate Your Child's Art

Just thought I  would share a fun little art project that I like to do with my kids. 
 They love it and it's not as
 messy as just painting with normal paints.
To start you will need the following items:
-ultra fine tipped sharpie permanent marker
-green painters tape (any brand)
-water colour pencils ( I love the brand from staedtler found at walmart)
-paint brushes
(anything heavier than just photocopy paper...you don't need to go out and buy watercolour paper, card stock works perfectly)
Next you need to tape down your paper making sure that the tape is put on straight and even as this will become your border and hold your paper down while it dries.   I'll explain why this is so important later.

Get your child drawing.  I like to let them get a toy and put it in front of them so they can look back and forth from their drawing to the toy.  This is called observational drawing and it's a great way to get your kids looking at details when they draw.
Next use the watercolour pencils to add colour.  Don't worry about filling every little spot of white.
The best part about the pencils are that you can add different shades and then when you add the water it blends so beautifully.

Let your main image dry just a little before you do the background so that the colours don't run together get all muddy.
I also like to let them label what they've drawn, cause their printing is always so cute.

So here is a picture of the painting drying. 
Paper will buckle when wet.  The tape that you added for the clean border also anchors the painting while is dries.  Paper has whats called SIZING in it.
It's a solution that consists of starches and other agents,
(you can look it up on wikipedia if you want. )
When paper gets wet it activates those solutions and the paper buckles.
If you have secured the paper before it gets wet and then leave it secured while it dries, it will dry to a crisp flat surface again.
Before dry
After dry.
(you must wait until perfectly dry)
Then you can carefully remove the tape and have a nice clean border.
remember let them dry completely. 
Because you used a permanent marker
it won't run when you add the watercolours and looks like an illustration.
I love how cute they always look.
Let them do their thing, the art is always so perfectly imperfect.
Love it.
You can easily put them in a frame, hang them up or make a book of all their art.
My daughter also wanted to do some and got out her Siamese cat.
When I saw her drawing I totally laughed because it reminded me of the grumpy cat that's popping up all over the Internet.
Hope this inspires you to let your kids draw and paint and
end up with something that is so cute and easy to keep.
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  1. I'm inspired. I have all the supplies and I'm going to do this with Scarlett tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

    And Ben is the cutest little artist I ever did see.