Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Donkey Kong Party

Ah, another birthday party has come and gone.
This one was very busy, but I had lots of help from my older girls and their friends and I think it turned out wonderfully.
First we made tiki masks with clay and cereal boxes.
I think they turned out cute.
Some of the kids really got into the acting of the crazy tiki's.

Some of them just make me laugh.

Then there were the games.  This one was animal hockey.

These belonged to the tiki knockdown where kids got to shoot a nerf gun and hit them.
The kids had to focus and try and find the gold (chocolate) coin under the cup
 This was toss the banana into the barrel.
At each station they earned tickets that they got to redeem at the prize table.

This is the cake.

And this is the birthday boy and his donkey kong pose.
(I saved you from a billion more of this pose and opted for only one)

Happy Birthday!
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