Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Biggest Before and After

OK, I think I can claim that this will be the biggest before and after transformation that I will ever be a part of.

About 10 days ago my husband and I wanted to get started on the deck out back and as we talked the subject of residing the house came up.  Well within 48 hours we had a crew ripping off our roof, soffits, fascia and eave troughs.  They started residing after 5 days and  finished the whole thing yesterday.

Here is the before picture of our house.

and now

So much better.
The only thing that was kind of sad was all, 90%, some of my plants up front were stepped on and squashed flat.  Most of them were perennials and I'm hoping they pop back, but man they have a long way to go.
There are some new black lights that need to be put on and tomorrow that dead looking birch tree to the right is being cut down.
Then we can focus on building the deck!! :)

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  1. That IS the biggest before and after!!!! Your house looks amazing!!! Great colors! wow!!