Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#5 and #6 Owls

The owls are complete and just in time as we set up Christmas last night.  I 've had so much fun with these little owls that I'm a little sad that I only had to make six.  My youngest has been completely enamoured with them and knows which one belongs to each member in our family. 

 Here is # 5
my husband's

and #6
 my second daughter's

 and this is the whole * parliament

 another group shot

A tiny tidbit of  information (in case you're ever on a game show and the question arises)
There are different "group"names for different birds.
Here are some I didn't know and found interesting.

* a parliament of owls
* a murder of crows
* a mob of emus
*a clutch of chickens
*a company of parrots
*a pride of peacocks
* a conspiracy of ravens
*a charm of hummingbirds

and my favourite
* a bouquet of pheasants
(it just sounds so pretty)

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  1. beautiful owls. i knew they were a Parliament of owls but i didn't know some of those other ones i love a charm of hummingbirds. I will have to remember that for when i make hummingbird cake xx

  2. Love your owls! Too cute! I love learning new group names. My favorites are a Smack of Jellyfish and a Dazzle of Zebras!