Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Necklace Hanger

I recently helped my sister with a necklace hanger
that was inspired from pinterest posts
here and here.
This project involved lots of cool knobs
that my father had laying around his garage. 
That's right just laying around, in fact he was thinking of throwing them out becasue there were only 2 or 3 of each kind.
(He doesn't know about the eclectic trend that is so big right now,
I'll forgive him)
We lined them up in the order we would put them on the scrap piece of wood. 
(this helped so we knew not to paint two knobs by each other the same colour)

Now we were ready to paint.
 I know a lot of these knobs are gorgeous as is,
 but we were going with two different colour themes.

This plain boring wooden knob is going to get quite the makeover.
not the right colour.....YET.
Just a little tweaking for this one.
We used crafts paints to get the colours.

 Here are the two
completed necklace racks.
The grey and yellow theme is for her bedroom.

 and her daughter got the blue and yellow.

 On all of the metal knobs we sanded and distressed so that the original metal could peek through.
The wooden knobs got the chevron pattern and polka dots.
The glass pink flowers just didn't go so we painted them to match the colour scheme.

This used to be a boring black knob,
but with a little silver paint and distressing....beautiful.
All the knobs were coated with a clear gloss spray and the scrap pieces of wood were
 painted and distressed. 
She got her husband to drill holes and attach the knobs with a screw.
Great and easy project,
I think for payment with helping I need to have a couple of the
leftover knobs so I can make some for me.
Don't you think?
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  1. The leftover knobs are all yours! Thanks for the help.

  2. cute! It makes me want to go buy some necklaces to I can make one too!!

  3. What a cute idea!! Thanx for linking up!:) hope your week is going well.