Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My First 3D Pumpkin Carving

For FHE last night we all got together and carved our pumpkins. 
 This is something that the kids and I look forward to every year.  This year though I thought I would try something different.  I've been watching Halloween wars on HGTV
(I think that's the station)
and was so inspired by the pumpkin carvers
that I thought I would try to make a 3D pumpkin face. 
Here it is.
(not anywhere close to those real carver's pumpkins, but can get better)
It was quite the challenge. 
I think that if I try this again next year I will have to invest in some proper tools.  I had a small knife and a nail to scrape some details.
I covered it in Vaseline to slow down  drying out, looks like it's covered in slime.
I think I would also have a picture of what I want to carve, 
make it easier to know where things go.
Here are the kids carvings.

This kitty turned out so cute.

My younget really wanted to do his own. 
 So we drew on a monster and he painted it in.
Lots of fun. 
I love how the kids were so excited to each have their own and how determined they were to do it by themselves.


  1. Hi there! I found your through the blog hop and I'm excited to be your newest follower! I was hoping you'd hop on by my blog and return the favor!



  2. Good Morning Karyn, What amazing work, it must have taken such a long time and especially in 3d, what a talent you are. I hope you don't mind but I have tagged you on my blog, it is a bit of fun and it will help people to find your wonderful blog. The link is http://ivyphyllisandme.blogspot.co.uk//2012/11/ive-been-tagged.html I hope you are able to join in. Best Wishes Daphne