Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chevron, Jack and some Ombre

Who knew that when I mentioned on one of my
 posts that you could hire me to paint you a
Union Jack
 that someone would take me up on it.
A nice couple phoned me and we discussed
4 pieces of furniture
that they were interested in for their home.
I found the pieces on kijiji
that had
the modern lines
that they were looking for and bought them
 (they were all in really good condition, not something I get to buy very often)
The first thing I did was
a cute chevron pattern
 on these
two bedside tables.
A long Union Jack dresser in grey on this long one.

( I love how this one turned out)
and the last one was a tall dresser done in an ombre

It was so fun to do these and I am so
 happy that they
travelled well to their home.
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  1. You are amazing. I can't even decide which ones I love best. Well done!

  2. I love the grey colour pallette you used, its perfect :)