Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Last Leprechaun Trap

You heard right, after four kids
having gone through grade one this was
 my last Leprechaun trap
 that had to be made.
We went all out.
It's called Lucky's Bakery
(also known as shoe box with green duct tape)
 It is a conglomeration of rainbows, green stuff and goodies.
Here's how were going to catch that shifty little green guy (or girl).
He is going to climb up the stairs.
 and he'll see all the delicious items that are available to him. 
 He will stand on the square
 in front of the order sign and
he'll fall into the box below the
 floor because that
 tile is a fake tile.
Here are some of our tasty treats
We have doughnuts (painted Cheerios), gold foil cakes (chocolate coins) and of course cotton candy (chalk covered cotton balls found here ).
 My son loved making this and the
 idea was his to have mini doughnuts for the Leprechaun,
 which then sparked the idea for a bakery.
(the display counter idea I got from here )
Lucky's bakery open for all Leprechauns in only five days.
Don't forget to wear green.

1 comment:

  1. That is really super cute.
    When you said "shifty" little green guy, I read something else at first. ;)
    I've never had to make one of these - ever. My kids' schools have never done it! I consider myself LUCKY! Haha.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere! It's been a while.