Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guess What I Started

Today I went shopping and picked out the paint for my NEW bedroom set.  The headboard and 9 drawer dresser will be ivory with a beautiful glaze (these will be blogged at a later date). 
 The dilemma is the side tables.  I saw these bad boys on kijiji and for $5.00 each I couldn't resist.  Unfortunately I had my parents pick them up because the lady lived in their neighbourhood and well when I saw them I realized they were not all wood.  The top and side panels are melamine.  YIKES!!  Now I love the detail on the doors and know that they will look so good painted and glazed (as seen on All Things Thrifty) and I will not give up on these babies so......I sanded them down.   You can see the difference on the doors ( the lower one has been sanded).  Look at that detail...POP!

So I'm hoping that by roughing up the surface that the KILZ primer will stick.....please, please.
 So imagine ivory bed and dresser.  My bedspread is a light grayish blue and the curtains are a pewter colour.  I wanted to do something a little unexpected with these side tables, but I'm stuck on the colour.  I've narrowed it down to two colours (Walmart was a little limited with colours and I refuse (maybe) to go to Michael's and pay 3x the amount for a larger colour selection).   The choices are Hyacinth (satin finish) or silver (brilliant finish).  I tried to find gloss finish, but I couldn't find it in any good colours.  I just don't know which way to go.  The Hyacinth is a grayish purple and the silver would look very metallic like these other side tables.

I'm leaning towards the silver with a black glaze, but I'm also open to suggestions.  So.....feel free to comment.

Felt like I needed to show a little love for the Hyacinth so here is another table/stool?

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  1. Go for what you are passionate about. I would do yellow or red or royal blue or purple. But you are not me so don't listen to me! And I can't really picture your bedroom. Can't wait to see what you pick!