Monday, May 2, 2011


Yep, I went silver and boy do I ever love them.   I love how the glaze really made them look old and tarnished and just made all that detail stand out.  The first picture is the before shot and the second is without glaze and the rest are with.

I wanted to take pictures of the glazing process, but boy once you start you can't stop.  Not to mention my hands were disgusting.  If you do some glazing have LOTS of rags ready!!! 

 So.... I think I need a cool knob....what about one of these from Anthropologie.  If I do this....the knobs will cost more than the side tables...sounds reasonable, eh?
I might have to go and see if I can find a knockoff of some sort somewhere.

Tomorrow headboard.
Unless of course it's raining!!!!  Or if it's below 10C.
Come on Spring/Summer.....I'm ready!


  1. They look like antique tin, I like!

  2. Very cool. I found cool knobs at homesense for really cheap once, but I haven't seen them since. Maybe if you check there you will luck out?

  3. Thanks guys. I think I'll do some shopping today.