Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pot Head

That's right I'm a confessed pot head......that's gardening pots.  I have been looking for some pots to put in my Mother's Day gift (picture coming when deck is done) and the only thing I could find that fit the budget were some plain terracotta pots for $2.50.

 Now when I was buying these boring pots I saw some very fun coloured ones right next to them for $10.00.  That's right same pot just painted so......well now that I always have KILZ on hand and leftover Krylon from some of my projects........I got painting........ and well the possibilities are endless!!
These babies are going to be full of herbs for my deck (2 weeks...yeah).   We've already used the rosemary on a roast and the cilantro in a Cafe Rio sauce.  YUM

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