Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last But Not Least

The last piece is done.  This is where it will go and it will hold all of the kids craft items.
Here is a close up, but if you click you can see even closer.

Now I just need to dress it up.   Back to the store......and since I saved so much on the bedroom and front room transformations I'll feel totally justified to buy whatever jumps out and catches my eye. Heeheehee (said with evil laugh). 

I know this makes me a very bad B/A (before and after) blogger, but in my rush to get this piece done I forgot to take a before picture....OOPS!!

This was taken with primer on, but no drawers or doors.
I know not the same ..........I'm so ashamed.

1 comment:

  1. Just finished reading and seeing what you have been doing. Very creative and beautiful. I'm going to have to come see your bedroom and get the whole effect. Good for you. Keep going.