Friday, October 28, 2011

Word Wreath

Well the weather here in Canada has turned cold and is really putting a damper on my ability to finishing projects.  The piano is complete and I will show it to you as soon as it gets inside.  Pumpkins for Halloween have to be put on high priority alert and two pieces of furniture have to be inside until I spray paint them so that they are warm and not cold (same with the paint).  Anyways, as I looked through some of the projects I wanted to get done this month, I saw a wreath tutorial on ucreate that I wanted to try.

Here is my version of the fall burlap wreath.

First I needed a wreath form and I remembered that on Pinterest someone took a foam pipe cover and used that.  So I went to Home Depot and bought one for a whopping $1.69.

It comes sliced on one side so you can slip it around a pipe, but all you do is pull the yellow tape off and the slit seals closed.

Then I duct taped the pipe together. 

 The wreath form was not as thick as I wanted (a pool noodle would be better) so I covered it in strips of coloured upholstery material.
Then I picked my fabrics (all remnants on sale 75% off).  This wreath literally cost me less than $3.00 total.

Then I wrapped my form just like the tutorial.  I think it looks awesome and this part was so easy.

For the flowers I wanted to do something different, so I typed up French and English words about love, thankfulness and blessings, etc.

I then traced it onto my material with a sharpie pen.

(maybe a little spell check would have been nice on bienfait...oops!!!)

Made the flowers.

Added metal antique buttons.

Attached it to the wreath

 And hung it on my door.

I loved how this project turned out.



  1. Thanks Karen for your sweet comment on my frames...I have a frame addiction:) I love those wordy flowers and wreath. I pinned it!!! Love your stuff, you are very talented!

  2. So pretty Karyn! I love its simplicity. I won't tell you that one of your french words had a typo, because it doesn't matter since they all got cut up anyways.
    At first I thought, "where did she find that fabric with words on it??". You are a smarty pants to just make your own with your sharpie.

  3. Jednostavan i lijep vjenčić..