Monday, November 21, 2011

Star (Pennant) Banner

Did you know that there are only 10 more days in November?  I did today and decided it's time to get going on some Christmas crafts.  I just attended a fun Saturday morning of crafts at our church and was able to learn how to make these cool stars out of paper (they can also be made out of cardboard).  We have our ward Christmas party this Saturday and the Young Women in our Church were asked to decorate the gym and since I work with the youth  I was working on stars all morning.

 Here is the banner  I made at home.

and here's how you make them  Get any 12 x 12 paper.

 Flip it over and trace your star shape on. 
You can make your own template by making 5 triangles that have a base of 3" and sides that measure 4.75" and then laying them so the bases touch at the tips (you will end up with a pentagon in the middle).  Hope thats helpful and not confusing.

Then you take the back of a butter knife and a straight edge and score a line from all 5 points like this.  Then flip it over and fold on the score line from the long point to the middle, do this for all 5 points.  The short fold left will naturally want to fold the other way.

 and then you have your star

To make a banner punch two holes on one point.

String it up and hang it on your mantle, window or wall.

For another look add more stars, find the middle star and attach it to your mantle.

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  1. You just might see one of these on my mantle this year! Love it!