Friday, November 4, 2011

Two Toned Coffee Table

I finally finished this provincial style coffee table.  It has been quite the process to get this coffee table done.  I think the hardest part was the weather.  With the temperature dipping below 0C I had to keep bringing the table inside to get it warm and then out to the garage to spray.  Other than that this project was fun because I tried a couple new things.

  First was I got to sand, distress and glaze the legs heavily

 and then I sanded the top right down and was able to try staining.

 I went with Min Wax polyshade in antique walnut.  I did the stain and polyurethane combination because I was being lazy and thought, "one step is better than two." 
Here was the before....love all the dust from other projects.

and once again the final product.



  1. Beautiful Karyn. But you shouldn't put the "after" picture at the beginning of the post. It is like reading a book and knowing how it ends before you start! ; )
    When do we get to see the piano?? I dying to see it over here!

  2. Call it a full blown spoiler, sometimes I like to switch it up. :) The piano is coming, it's been moved into the house and I'm just waiting for the final picture so that I can show the transformation. It's so beautiful...I might be doing to a couple more pianos come springtime.