Monday, November 7, 2011

Faux Capiz Christmas Tree

So I was looking around on pbteen for my daughter and saw these really cool capiz lamps.
(picture from pottery barn teen)

Capiz Table Lamp
  and I remembered that I saw a tutorial somewhere in blogland of faux capiz shells.....so I went looking and found it on

I was walking in the kitchen and  (it's funny
to say) my next project was inspired from one of these?

...but it was!
(these were really good sparkling apple juices)
I removed the label from one of them.

Then I took three pieces of wax paper and sandwich  them between two pieces of parchment paper and ironed them together on medium heat, no steam.

 Then I folded the sheet over three times (this makes it easier to punch) and got my faux capiz shells.

 Then I hot glued them onto the bottle (overlapping).

 and here is my faux capiz Christmas tree.

 this is what it looks like on my mantel (love the texture and contrast it adds to the vases)

and here it is with some Christmas decorations.

I may or may not have spent the entire afternoon on this.
 hee hee hee....or should I say ho ho ho?


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