Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Eggs

Well I wasn't totally prepared for egg colouring this year and I only had food colouring which doesn't give you a very deep intense colour. 

 So this year we thought they needed a little something special added to them. 
The kids picked the faces and I drew them on.
 Here they are.

(the kids had fun making scenes and then naming them)

"double trouble"

 "Why are your teeth so big"

"I think you need to take those anger management classes"

"the group"

 "that tickles"

 "I'm seriously scared"


  1. HA! I bet your kids LOVE that you are an artist and can do this kind of thing. My kids would think you are AWESOME!

  2. Wowee! Hannah is sitting beside me right now and she LOVES these eggs. "Why don't you do our eggs like that?" She says. Cause I can't!