Friday, May 18, 2012


It's been really busy around here with the school year coming to a close, B-Ball for the kids, gardening, spring clean up and starting physiotherapy for my ankle. 

But I finally took the time to get a new painting done. 

It's quite a big painting (4' x 5')
and a huge impact in my front room.

I love it.

I love all the layers of paint

These close up's could stand alone as paintings themselves.

One of the things I took from abstract painting classes
was that It's hard to look at a blank canvas and come up with a painting. 

 It's much easier to start with something and react to what you see.

Here's the older painting I had painted for the front room
and a little insight into how I painted the new one.

I added painter tape and masked off a design that I liked.
(don't mind the toes)

Then I added layers of white.
(with hints of citron green, blue and grey)

Took off the tape.

and soften the middle image.

adding the splatters and streaks really 
finalized this painting for me.

Hope you enjoyed
and I hope you pull out your own paint brush.


  1. Just beautiful, Karyn! Thanks for letting us have a peek into the creative process that went
    into revamping your painting. I like the original too, but the newest version is so soft and restful-looking. I think "Reflections" is a good title that you chose. I saw your post over a "Feathered Nest Friday" party. I hope a lot of folks see this blog post...it is wonderful.

  2. Beautiful! I think sometimes that is my biggest issue. I WANT to paint something, but have no ideas. Thanks for the insight!

  3. That is so pretty! I love it Karyn! You are very talented!