Monday, May 28, 2012

Thriller, Filler, Spiller

 I know that I should have probably waited one
 more week and got into June before I
 planted my pots, it's just that I really couldn't wait to get them going.

(please, no late frost)

I got a great bunch of plants this year, quite different from last year and inspired by my friend.  But before I could plant I had to change my terracotta coloured pots to a black/grey and I did that with this product.

I started off with my plastic terracotta pots.

cut myself a cardboard circle  so that I wouldn't be spray painting the soil.

sprayed them.

and then added a grey glaze into all the grooves.

much better.

then I planted the plants.  The rule I follow is:

(something that grabs the attention either by colour,
 height, contrast, unique foliage...etc)

(this is the body of your pot, not as showy as your thriller,
but a great place to add colour and volume)

(these are your plants that want to crawl out of the pot and "spill" down the sides)

You can never go wrong with this method.

Here are a couple of other examples.

the next four are from

I`d take any of these arrangments from greenland.
Have fun planting.

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