Monday, June 25, 2012

Side Table #3

My last bedside table
I was so excited for this one because it was a technique I had never tried.

It was using VINEGAR and STEEL WOOL to stain wood. 

 The site I got the idea from said that their wood ended up looking a
smokey grey
 and I was so excited as visions of Restoration Hardware came to mind.

St. James Panel Bed Antiqued Coffee

 it was not meant to be as mine ended up a redish orange.....

but here is the transformation.

the before
(got this baby for $2.00)

 mixture of vinegar and steel wool
(this sat for a couple of days to darken)

sanded the top down to bare wood

primed and painted the bottom.

started to stain with the vinegar.
(not going to lie, a little stinky)

Then it dried to a chalky reddish finish.
I wipe off the chalky looking dust.

and applied two coats of polyacrylic.
Turned a darker version

It dried lighter and slightly orange

*remember I was going for grey*

I ended up distressing the edges.

 Not exactly what I was going for,
but it's in great shape and freshly painted.

I'm glad I tried this on something smaller. 
I 'm not sure I would do it again.
 I'm still on the hunt for an old greyish stain to do on a midcentury dresser.

Here are all three side tables



and #3

I think #1 was my favorite.


  1. It looks great to me, love it with the paint. CJ

  2. So cute! And I need to stain something this week. Thanks! Coming to you from Take a Look Tuesday!

  3. Sugar...I've seen this tip before, shame that it didn't turn out the way you hoped. But I admit, I still like the color.

  4. Thanks everyone....I should say here that I don't hate it, it turned out great. I just had something completely different in mind. I will find a grey smokey stain, it's now my mission.

  5. I love them all. I can see where you were going with the gray stain though but I think it still turned out beautifully =)

  6. I think they all look great!! I love the turquoise! Following along now!

  7. the joy of diy is that we try dfferent things and sometime we like it, sometime we don't and sometime we just LOVE it!!!

  8. I was looking on Kijiji last night and saw this. I KNEW it must be yours! Very cute! But yeah, the grey would have been cool.

  9. I love this! I know it's not what you had in mind but I love it!

  10. It may not have turned out the color you had in mind, but I love it.

  11. Wish I knew how to "pin" this so I could save this idea.

  12. Very interesting! Even though it didn't turn out the color you wanted, it still looks great. I like that you distressed the edges!

    Found you from the "What I Whipped Up Wednesday" link party. :)

  13. It turned out so cute. Nice job! I'll have to give your technique a try.

  14. #3 is my favorite. I know it is not what you were going for, but it looks beautiful.

  15. I love them all, but I love the last one ; ) I'm featuring you tomorrow!