Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mirror Makeover

When we moved into our home a couple of years ago, 90% of the house was covered in wallpaper...not the new cool kind either.  It also had a ton of mirrors from the 70's like this one, which has this etched crossing branches on it.

 I have never like it so I decided it was time for a makeover.  Here it is with it's new updated look.

Here's what I did:
I first gathered my supplies, which include Martha Stewart's stencil pack.  Martha Stewart stencil brushes. Martha Stewart Craft paint called Wedding Cake.  I picked MSC paint because it says it can be used on glass as long as you clean it with alcohol (I robbed the emergency kit for some alcohol wipes...oops).  The other colours were craft smart Robin's Egg Blue and Dark Grey.  I also needed painters tape, a ruler and exacto knife to make my lines as clean/even as possible.

 I taped off the part I wanted to paint (I had to go quite big for a border so that that etching would be covered).
Then I painted it MSC wedding cake (aka White).

 I stenciled the Robin's Egg Blue followed by Dark Grey (I used two different stencils to add interest).
I did get some bleed under the stencil on the edges because the mirror had a slight bevel, but I took a small paint brush and touched up that with the white.

I liked it a lot and almost stopped, but I'm glad I stuck to my vision and painted a grey rectangle around the mirror opening and then stencilled white on top, using the same pattern I used on the edge.

This was such a fun project as I haven't stencilled in years.  I do love my new mirror.

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  1. Who knew one could paint a border ON the mirror instead of buying a frame for it. It is super cool. And of course your vision is perfect. Another beautiful project COMPLETED by you!