Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weather Warning

Well I just looked at the weather for the upcoming week and it's going to be...................... beautiful.  So this week I need to kick my painting projects into high gear.  Living in Canada you know that weather can change quickly and the cold snap/snow could threaten at any moment, leaving us stranded in our homes, huddling together sharing body heat.

     snow on Beech trees

OK, it's not that bad, but you can't paint outside if the temperature is below 10C and there are some mornings already that I've had to wait until the afternoon so that the air is warm enough.
Here are some projects that I'm working on:
a croquet set

secretary desk

An oval coffee table

(no before picture yet)

Sets for the play ANNIE
and last, but definitely not least
wait for it....
(I'm so excited for this one, it's got great details)

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  1. Are you serious??? You are doing a piano? Are you keeping it? Does it play nice or is it just for looks? You can answer all my questions next time you see me.